BEER / bierfries wieselburg

Walldesign for the Brewery Bar in Wieselburg. 0,80 x 10 m Illustration from Silhouettes of drinking Persons.

As inspiration for myself i took famous people. In the beginning it was unusual for me to get into this very straight working style, that the comissioners wanted.

As architect i am a bit deterred by the grafics that are provided in the CAD planning-programs. Prepared shilouettes are used to set you building plan into a certain scale. Some people might know what i mean. To get this picture out of my head i made myself another solution: Not so much for the identification of the figures but more for my own working spirit on the grafic, i took famous personalities. At the end of the table it is Helmut Qualtinger sitting chatting with Mundl. There is also Picasso - maybe you recognize him. And Woody Allen. Working like this made it much more fun and easier to imagine a scenery behind it. Now people were familiar and i could imagine them interacting while drinking together. I took some friends from a wedding too. 

My personal favorit is the hunter, overlooking the scenery- characterised lonesome like on a deerstand in the forest.

I'ts going to be printed on a large textile - in a view days it will be on.