Cold and grey winter's day?

Why don't you invite a little friend to your window?


Transformed picture frames add a splash of colour to walls, fences or to trees in the garden.

The DIY kit comes with all the pieces you need in order to construct your bird feeder, packaged sustainably using recycled cardboard. The feeding box that holds the seeds is specially designed from lightweight wood and high quality engraved acrylic glass. A construction manual is included inside the box. Customise your bird feeder to create a unique and original piece. You can paint and varnish it any way you like.

Fly Inn: it works like a take-away; the birds sit on a perch in front of the food, not inside their food.

The seeds stay dry & birds stay healthy!


When the ground is frozen or snow-covered, birds are unable to dig for or find food.

Birds come in the early morning for breakfast, or at dusk.

Give them a helping hand, and they will cheer you up in return.


It is a fun, environmentally-friendly and easy-to-mail gift.

The ideal present for nature lovers, or for those who would enjoy spending a few quiet moments being creative - with the added bonus of being both practical and artistic.

europe next door

Suzanne Alibert made a blog about different discoverings in Europe. She also visited the Vienna Open Festival and wrote an very nice and interesting article about 7 projects that have bee developed in the ideas to products workshop. READ MORE HERE

At the Vienna Open Festival the Results of the Workshop were presented. Here are the Videos to the Projects:


Happylab & Microgiants

IDEAS TO PRODUCTS calling for entries again


It's the best-visited Bird House in Town !

G. Stangl Oberösterreich

Made in Vienna.

All pieces are produced by myself at Happylab Vienna.


Bauanleitung / Construction Manual german


Measurements: DIY kit / package: 18,5 x 24,5 x 4,5 cm

Finished fully working Birdfeeder: 18 x 24 x 12 cm